Mobile Phone Timing Self-discipline Lock Box To Quit Internet Addiction

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Product information:

Available colors: white, yellow, green, blue, pink
Battery capacity: 600mAh
Battery life: 60 days per charge under normal usage
Inner size: 168.5mm*85.5mm*16mm

1. The product allows us to control the time we use our mobile phones and helps us master the time of study and work, especially suitable for students, office workers, writers, test preparers, etc.
2. The product design is novel, portable, and the size is suitable for most mobile phones. When the phone is locked, it can answer calls and respond to emergencies.
3. Rechargeable design, you can choose a mobile phone with a charging port, lock the mobile phone in the box, and charge it when you study.
4. Two charging ports, Apple port and type-c port are protected, and the charging cable can be shared with the mobile phone.
leave your phone
Master your training/work hours
Immerse your phone in the time box and be friends with time.

Packing list:

Self-discipline lock box *1